A newly collaborative advertising channel

  • • Manage your advertising content and distribution it on public TV screens via the Internet.  
  • • A free advertising market of choices that everyone can be part of.  
  • • Powerful and highly efficient with large audience coverage.   
  • • Flexible with targeted advertising environment.   
  • • Low expenditure compare with other channels.   
  • • Fast connect and distribute content in timely manner.   
  • • Realtime statistic with viewer traffic volume.   
  • • Easily upgrade TV and earn extra revenue through leasing.   
  • • Plenty of screen choices with location and matching budgets.   


Ads Content Design

We can provide you with a fast, reliable service with effective advertising content that is prepared by our professional graphic designer teams.
Tell us your idea and we make it happens...

ICUMedia Management

Use our platform to manage and distribute your ads content to all your TV screens with a flat fee $19/screen/month.
No contract. No setup fee.
Earn extra revenue by selling your screen time

Be part of our network

If you are running a business that has a significant pedestrian traffic volume. You can be part of our network by providing large TV screens for public advertising purpose. You can make extra revenue by leasing out your TV screen to advertisers who are in need on your behalf. ICUMedia will do the rest, providing upgrade kit to convert and connecting your TV screen to our network, managing it and sell it to potential advertisers. You decide your own leasing fee. We make commission on your sales.

Making your own advertising content

Why not?. Save Time and Money. ICUMedia provides you with a wide range of templates to make your own advertising content. Simply add your photo or video of your products or services along with some catching description and contact information. ICUMedia will do the rest.

The entire process may take less than 15 minutes.

We can see you..

With the ability to count and tracking the moving people in realtime, the advertiser can ensure their advertises reach their target audiences.

Forget the bias reports that have no creditability to tell you the number of viewers.


ICUMEDIA - The trust that advertisers can count on

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